Computer Repair upgrades virus removal San Antonio TX

Testimonial #1

Congregation of the Daughters of Mary Immaculate

(Marianist Sisters)

235 West Ligustrum Dr.

San Antonio, TX 78228-4092

October 30, 2008

 Dear Friends,

 It has been my pleasure and good fortune to have met Tom Norris over 3 years ago.  In talking with him, I realized that he possessed a keen expertise in the knowledge of computers and an outstanding ability to help those of us who are less computer literate to understand what our computer problems entailed.  

 Tom's articulate and kind approach led me to ask him to take care of some thorny problems we were having with a couple of the computers in our convent.  I was amazed at his speed in diagnosing each problem and tackling its correction with aplomb.  He has been servicing our computers ever since, dealing with more technology issues than I could ever list.  We have never had a problem that Tom could not fix, with ease and speed.

 We Marianist Sisters had been dealing with a number of IT "experts" for the previous 20+ years, and had never found anyone with Tom's depth and breadth of knowledge of the inner workings of computers, his expertise in correcting any problem, his ability to help us understand what went wrong, and his articulate explanations in how to prevent similar problems in the future.  Tom stands head and shoulders above the rest.

 Recently, Tom did a superb job of networking all of the computers in our new home to our Time Warner Internet modem as well as to our copier for printing purposes.   

 Sincerely yours,

 Sr. Marcy Loehrlein, FMI

Province Treasurer


Testimonial #2

October 4, 2008

 Letter of Reference:  Tom Norris

Tom is extremely competent with computers.  He can build a computer and trouble shoot hardware and software problems.  He has saved my office from lost down time by solving hardware or software problems when University Technology people were not available.

 Tom built the two computers I have in my home offices.  He has upgraded the speed and capability of both and is always responsive whenever I need assistance.

 Tom is a hard worker and is able to work long hours.  He is eager to work whether it means regular or overtime hours. 

 Please contact me if you need further information.


 Ronald Merrell, Ph.D.

Dean of the Graduate School

1984 – 2004

St. Mary’s University


Testimonial #3









Testimonial #4




Friendships sometimes are built on the foundation of good customer service.  This is one such case.  Nearly five years ago in 2005, I happened to notice that Goodwill Stores here in San Antonio, Texas had opened a computer store aptly named “Computer Works.”  I went inside to browse the goods and query the staff.  An exuberant gentleman named Tom came to my assistance.  We talked about the usual general computer geek stuff since I too, have been working with computers and technology for over 30 years.  I was extremely impressed with him.  I went back to the store many times over the years to purchase items and to get advice from Tom.  I found his knowledge vast, his patience abundant and demeanor congenial.  He was also quite insightful and open minded when it came to working through problems or issues that I presented to him over the years.  Since then he has also become a great friend to me.  I believed that Tom’s talents were severely underutilized in the capacity that he held at the store.

Somehow, God found a way to give Tom the opportunity he justly deserved to service the San Antonio, Bexar County community as he was so destined to do.  With his newly opened business, “Lost Link Computer Sales, Repairs, & Upgrades” he still exemplifies the exuberance, geniality and patience that are a natural part of him.

I still go to him for his insight, knowledge and advice and have referred many people to his store and will continue to do so.  He genuinely cares about his customers and is eager to help with their computer needs.

I am glad that I “happened” to pop in that great day years ago, and will always consider Tom my friend.

A stranger is just a friend I haven’t met yet,”


“There are no strangers here; only friends you haven’t met yet.”


So, if you are in need of computer repairs, sales, upgrades or just a little advice, it would do yourself a great service to go by and pay a visit to Tom at “Lost Link Computer Sales, Repairs, & Upgrades.”


                                                                                                                -- Hank Ward 2009